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Faith Foundation Charitable Trust is a non-profit humanitarian organisation whose aim is to improve the health, wellbeing and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing.

Service to man is service to God' is the oldest principle taught by most religions of the world Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslim and Christianity (No Colour No Race). In this context, man means to include man, woman or child. Every man, woman or child has to do some service to others and then only god will be pleased. Service is a word which means doing a thing without any intention of getting a reward or remuneration. Service is always free. It may be of several kinds – physical help, sympathy or psychological help, financial help etc. A man by nature works for his own benefit. He grows crops and sells them to get money. He makes wooden or metal articles and earns his living. Others do services like teaching, transportation etc. and earn their livelihood. So he is to cultivate the idea of doing some free services to others apart from earning money.

Service and help are required to those who are suffering from want, fear or other inability. Some people cannot get even food and clothes because of poverty. Those who have plenty have to help such people. In times of accidents or natural calamities people need several kinds of help. Man is described as a social animal. This means that he lives in company of others – family, caste, group, society, nation etc. So if a part of this group suffers, the others have to render help. Children are taught to do a good turn a day. Thus they learn to serve others. There are several ways to doing service. Only one should try to understand the doing service. Only one should try to understand the difficulties of others and develop a will to help such people.

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