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Faith Foundation Charitable Trust provides shelter, clothing, food, healthcare and education to more than 100 children. Many of these children were found abandoned or begging and living on the streets. Apart from sending them to Government schools, providing them with school uniforms and shoes, our teams of full time staff and volunteers also arrange for routine medical examinations, psychological and vocational counselling, and resources to meet all their material and emotional needs.


faith foundation child services
faith foundation child services


There are 70 million disabled people in India. One in every ten children or 3% of the country's total child population also falls in this category. The government itself admits that of the total disabled population, only 2% are educated and 1% employed. Yet, no great effort is being made to give physically challenged people a better world. Here's your chance to support disabled people. Give employment opportunities to the handicapped and enable them to lead an independent life. Just a small gift of a hearing aid, wheelchair and tricycle or Braille kit will make a big difference


Despite the numerous promises and provisions made by the Indian government, the state of many of India's children continues to be pitiable. Statistics reveal that there are close to 17 million child labourers, about 3 to 5 lakhs children are forcibly engaged in prostitution and at least 18 million children live on the streets in India. Donate online today to sponsor a child for causes such as child education and give them a new hope. Do your parts – donate to a child charity; and help bring these numbers down.

Children's Needs

  • Food, clothing and primary education for a poor child for a year.
  • Sponsor sanitation installation in a school
  • Sponsor a Fun event for (approx 100) institutionalized destitute children
  • A month's supplementary nutrition for 25 children at a day care centre at a construction site.
  • Provide a child with sports & co-curricular facilities at school for a year.
  • Provide care & support to an orphaned child 0-6 years old for 1 year.
  • Support the living expenses of an orphan (< 6 years) for one month.
  • Annual educational scholarship for a poor child in a private school.
  • One year residential sponsorship of a very poor village child.
  • Provide a destitute/orphan child in a care home with tuition, school & other essential supplies.
  • 1 year living and extra coaching expenses of a destitute child (3-17 years) at our home.
  • 1 month Kindergarten education for 2 children.
  • Provide a very poor child a mid day meal at school for a year.
  • Donate play materials to a for poor children.
  • Part sponsor Intensive Care of 5 days for one very low birth weight baby.
  • Nutrition and household support to a Child living with HIV (CLHA) for a month.
  • Spread sunshine amongst residents of a welfare institute by providing items for
  • Utility/Education/Recreation and a snack.

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