faith foundation elder services
Elder Services


In a country of 90 million (current estimate) older persons, 33% live below the poverty line, 90% are from the unorganized sector with no social security, and 73% are illiterate & dependent on physical labour.


Faith Foundation Charitable Trust reaches out to the underprivileged elderly through its various services in the areas of financial, health and emotional security.


Faith Foundation Charitable Trust is slowly moving from welfare to integrated age care services for the elderly in urban & rural areas. Expanding its scope of services quantitatively as well as qualitatively. The MMU service in some areas not only provides basic health care, but is also delving into new initiative such as providing disability aids, shelter assistance, yoga, specialized home visits, and provision of psychological therapy among others.

faith foundation elder services

Disaster Mitigation: Relief & Rehabilitation

faith foundation elder services


Upholding the Rights of the Aged

Faith Foundation Charitable Trust is the leading Older People's rights. We speak up for India's 90 million (current estimate) grey population to help them live with dignity, independence & self-fulfilment.

Our role is that of an enabler between two groups of people.

  • Development organisations and individuals working at grassroots-level with marginalised Elders, their families and communities.
  • People like you, coming together from all walks of life who believe in the rights of the Aged

faith foundation elder services

Why do the Aged need Help?
There are 90 million (current estimate) older people in India

  • We make society aware of issues concerning the aged and promote better understanding of them.
  • We help the elderly be aware of their rights and provide access to them.



faith foundation elder services

Faith Foundation Charitable Trust depends on donations and legacies to fund its services and activities. Resources are raised from:


Faith Foundation Charitable Trust biggest supporters are its community of individual donors who give regularly, often without any expectation of returns, save satisfaction gained from doing a good deed. Among them are school children as young as 5, motivated by teachers and parents, to do their bit for the elderly.

Corporate & Business houses

More companies are now choosing to implement socially responsible policies in response to the increasing number of customers, stakeholders and employees who demand that businesses give something back to society.
The internal benefits of CSR to companies are also becoming increasingly apparent:

  • Companies engaged in CSR are reporting benefits to their reputation and their bottom line.
  • Studies reveal a strong correlation between CSR activity and higher performance.
  • Companies give in various ways - Cause Related Marketing, Sponsorship, Payroll giving, Gifts in kind.


Our Main Activities Include:

  • Conducting Yoga Training to children, and if desired, to their elders and others such as people living in old age homes rehabilitation centers, drug de-addiction facilities
  • Conducting Yoga Training for the aged people and women, empowering them to improve not only the overall quality of their lives, but also enjoy better physical and mental health.
  • Yoga Training For NGOS  Providing our uniquely designed NGO Yoga Training Program which is condensed and  easy to understand which  will  not only give to the child the benefit of developing a healthy, disease free body, but also empower the child with mental discipline, power of concentration and uplifted spirit with a life full of hope and cheer. It will prove out to be a virtual boon for the under-privileged child.
  • Conducting Yoga camps for our partner NGOS and organization in needs. We collaborate with esteemed doctors and hospitals to conduct medical camps for the children.
  • Giving Educational scholarship to the poor and underprivileged children fro the needs of their educational material like books, uniforms, bags, shoes and stationery.
  • Running a number of support programs Perennially to assist children in completing their vocational education. We believe it is essential to support practical vocational training to ensure earning ability. We encourage nurture and empower orphans through skills development and self reliance program.
  • Supporting and establishing schools, computer labs and vocational training centers. The lack of basic amenities and the dysfunctional state of many schools in India are also one of the major concerns addressed by NIYTN.
  • Catering to the basic needs of children in kind like giving blankets, appliance, food etc.
  • Providing Humanitarian aid to underprivileged people through emergency relief by supplying food, clothing, blankets, medical care and other items during moments of natural disaster and hazards.
  • Providing assistance and shelter to the Senior citizens and help them to live with dignity


Our Other Activities Includes:

  • Environmental Education and importance of a forestation.
  • Practice, propagation and conservation of traditional Indian culture and folk art.
  • Self-reliance training programs to create more and more Yoga Instructors and Naturopaths.
  • To Promote Prosecution of research, prorogation of knowledge and experimental measures in connection with the study of diseases, their prevention, causation and remedy through Herbs, Siddha, Yoga and Naturopathy particularly in rural/Tribal area
  • To promote general interest of public in Yoga, pollution control and organizing plantation program at various area of the country
  • To undertake welfare activities for socially backwards, Tribal for promotion of their moral, social, educational and physical improvement in India.
  • To undertake research, review, assessment and development of Social structure in various part of country.
  • To promote General awareness and National interest among the rural/tribal families of various states& UT.
  • To organize/construct shelter home for old age people and homeless/helpless children.
  • To promote family planning and Health awareness to improve life style, medical care and other social values for batter care of citizen of India particularly in rural area.
  • To promote eradication of alcoholism and drug abuse.
  • To undertake research and development activities of rural technology in rural area for increasing Agricultural production, creating employment, eradicating poverty and bringing overall improvement in rural economy.
  • To undertake educational / Tech. education / rehabilitation program particularly for woman, Backwards class people.
  • To assist Govt./Non Govt. organizations to arrange medical / food facilities in backward /tribal area
  • To promote cultural/educational activities in backward /tribal area.

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faith foundation elder services
faith foundation elder services
faith foundation elder services
faith foundation elder services
faith foundation elder services
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