food donation
Food Donation
Contribute for Annadhanam at Faith Foundation Charitable Trust


Annadhanam is offered at Faith Home, Schools & Various Village, 2 times and a day to over 200 people comprising Poor's, Widows, residents and volunteers.


Experience the joy of contributing to something meaningful with your Annadhanam at Faith Foundation Charitable Trust on your birthday / anniversary / any other day or occasion of your choice.


As a mark of our gratitude, we will acknowledge your offering at Faith Home notice board.

Contribution options

  • Rs.100, 000/- : One meal for all at the 500 poor villagers, near Karnataka.
  • Rs.50, 000/-   :  One Break-fast & One meal for all at the Faith home one month.
  • Rs.25000/-    :  One meal for 200 village Elderly people & Children's.
  • Rs.10000/-    :  One meal for 120 village Elderly people & Children's.
  • Rs. 8000/-    :  One Break-fast & One meal for all at the Faith home.
  • Rs. 5000/-    :  One meal for 60 Elderly people & Children's at the Faith home.

food donation

You are also welcome to contribute to whatever extent possible. Every donation counts!

"In our tradition, serving spiritual seekers and Pastor's was of utmost importance.
In fact for many, this was a path in itself. The most beautiful expression of this was
the Annadhanam, the offering of food."


For further details, please contact:

Ph : +91 90360 71341 / +91 80 5096402

Mail ID :


Director Of Faith Foundation

Food Donation
food donation
food donation
food donation
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