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We started this Faith Foundation Charitable Trust in 2009. For these years we have been providing dedicated services for the old age people, children's and homeless. 'Faith Foundation Charitable Trust' turns out to be a ray of hope for these helpless old age people suffering from various diseases and disorders. We reach out to underprivileged elderly people through our various services like financial, health and emotional security.

Our free services for the elderly include adequate bedding facilities, food, shelter, medical aid and final cremation.


We reach out to the elderly, who have been left on the streets, railway stations and so on. Faith Foundation Charitable Trust provides shelter, clothing, food, healthcare and education to more than 100 children. Many of these Elder's & children were found abandoned or begging and living on the streets. Apart from sending them to Government schools, providing them with school uniforms and shoes, our teams of full time staff and volunteers also arrange for routine medical examinations, psychological and vocational counselling, and resources to meet all their material and emotional needs.


We have around 80 numbers in our Elder's in Orphanage Home – Faith Foundation Charitable Trust. We would like to take care of at least 200 members. But we are helpless, because for each person we need a minimum 5000 Indian Rupees per month. We would like you or anyone like you to support us, by way of money or resources. We would be thankful to you and the Almighty would surely bless you for your kind gestures


Everyday people come to us to join our Elder's Orphanage Home – Faith Foundation Charitable Trust - due to sufficient reasons. Various difficulties are restraining us from admitting new people. Moreover, presently we are able to accommodate only ladies & less number of gents


There are a lot of many parents abandoned / many of children's abandoned. To build facilities for such men/ children, Faith Foundation Charitable Trust would have to find nearly 85 lakhs Indian Rupees and we want built own setup that's LAND, BUILDING, FACILITIES nearly 4 crores. Here again, we hope for a positive response from the kind-hearted.


What has been your biggest challenge?

Most of the old people are bed ridden, so they cannot do their daily chores. So we require at least 5 caretakers for 25 people. But due to financial crisis, we are only able to provide only 1 caretaker for 10 people. We are hoping that people will support our initiative and volunteer to be a part of this good cause. We provide dedicated service to these people, and by God's grace everything seems to be moving pretty smooth.

What is Faith Foundation Ashram's basic aim?

We want to make sure that no person dies on the streets. We also want people to realise that parents even though old, require love and affection from their children. It's heart wrenching to see old people dying on the streets and railway platforms due to hunger, illness and disabilities.

What are the admission criteria for inmates?

Any person who is 60 years and above, destitute, helpless, mentally and physically sick can be admitted on priority basis.

How can people contribute towards this genuine cause?

You can adopt one or more aged persons by paying Rs. 4500 per month or Rs. 54000 per annum. FAITH FOUNDATION runs on donations only. Though we are not getting any financial support from the government; yet we are running the biggest old age Ashram for destitute and sick old people in Bangalore, totally free of cost.


We request kind hearted people to come forward and help the helpless by adopting one or more inmates from this old age home.


Faith Foundation Charitable Trust is a non-profit humanitarian organisation whose aim is to improve the health, wellbeing and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing.

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Whether it is through cash contributions or donations in kind, time, or expertise, Faith Foundation offers a variety of opportunities for you to extend your support. Donations can be made directly to specific Faith projects of your choice or to the general fund of the Foundation that supports a host of activities.


Your contributions help us to reach out to more and more people offering opportunities and encouraging sustainable living, thus fulfilling President Vision of creating a joyful, loving and peaceful world for all.


"Let us make it happen!"


"All this work involves an enormous amount of money and people with big hearts coming forth and working.

If you have a big hand, we need you,
If you have a big heart, we need you.
If you have a big head, we need you.
If you have a big pocket, we need you.
All these are needed."

  - Blessings, Daisy.I.Bharani

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