Village Project

We are blessed with the opportunity to serve the neglected and the poor in our own humble ways. We are not and have never been discouraged by the paucity of resources or the challenges that we face while trying to broaden the scope of the work we do. Every single day, each one of our volunteers, staff members and partners are faced with the need to do more for larger numbers in different areas. It is our determination and prayer that we will find the means to make it happen.



Operation Faith Foundation orphanages provide shelter, clothing, food, healthcare and education to more than 100 children at two locations, Bannerghatta, Jigini, and Bagepalli. Many of these children were found abandoned or begging and living on the streets.Apart from sending them to Government schools, providing them with school uniforms and shoes, our teams of full time staff and volunteers also arrange for routine medical examinations, psychological and vocational counselling, and resources to meet all their material and emotional needs.

Old Age Home


Operation Faith Foundation's Old Age Home at Bangalore supports more than 100 elderly and infirm people. This home provides free medical attention and medicines in addition to food, clothing and shelter.

Outreach Project

Faith Foundation Village Service India

Livelihood Support Projects

Almost half the children in India suffer from malnutrition. Malnutrition means that the body does not get the right nutrients; leading to several ill-effects like weak bones, bad eye sight, severe anaemia, and in some cases it even turns fatal. Several reasons can lead to malnutrition; right from the health of the mother to the immunisation and food provided to a child. The first five years of a child's development are most crucial to provide them with a healthy, nourished life.


FULL - Fight Under Nourishment Little by Little is a campaign that aims at giving 28,000 children in India a healthy, wholesome future, by ensuring activation of healthcare centres so that children get access to healthcare facilities; providing nutrition supplements at the right time, to ensure that no child suffers from the lack of it; and building health-awareness amongst women and children across India.


Several small steps go into ensuring nourishment and a healthy childhood. Every little step that you can help us with; will go a long way in providing nutrition and a happy childhood for thousands of children.

The truth about malnutrition

Right now several children, women and communities are fighting the long-term ill-effects of malnourishment, chronic hunger, lack of health-care and unstable livelihoods.

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village project
village Project
village Project
Pregnant Women
With proper pre-natal care, adequate food and timely health check ups, a pregnant woman stays fit and gives birth a healthy child. Without it she transfers her ill-health to her unborn child, and sets off a cycle of malnourishment.
Inadequate HealthCare
Lack of healthcare during the first two years of a child's life can contribute to a lifetime of ill health. Timely polio drops, immunisation and monitored development, are crucial to preventing malnourishment.
Lack of Supplements
It is not enough to feed huger. Without essential micronutrients like iodine, iron and vitamins, children suffer brain damage, night blindness, rickets, anaemia and even heart failure.
Parents without Livelihoods
Some families just don't earn enough to feed their children and keep them healthy. They cannot afford healthcare and nourishing supplements. Children are most affected and they become disease-prone.
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